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Snob salespeople can make customers buy more luxury Michael Kors Products goods
, according to a Canadian Michael kors stores study snob salespeople can make customers are more likely to buy from the sale of luxury goods. You can call it "pretty woman" effect. Above is a program called "the devil the Prada sold? Indifference to aspiring customers want to buy the brand, the latest research conclusion.
The report will be published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Research) in October. Who led the study at the university of British Columbia researchers invited actors or passion or snobbish sales staff, and then asked volunteers to imagine that she is the designer brand stores or shopping in the high street shops.
And Julia Roberts in "pretty woman" in the 1990 film played a call girl met a rude, eyes of sales, the sales can actually make us want to buy something more - only to high-end products, of course.
According to the survey, encounter rudeness sales staff volunteers subsequently said that they want more designer brand products, and those who are interested in people with luxury attitude by the bad reaction of the sales staff is the largest. Relatively low-end brands such as H&M and Gap would not have such effect.
"This effect is only useful for customers yearning Michael kors handbags brands and stores, which is like Burberry (Burberry) and gucci (gucci) such a true luxury brand." Professor who led the research, marketing experts Dai Ren da you (Darren Dahl) said. Up to you to attribute this phenomenon to the customer want to get this kind of high-end brand acceptance.
"Look, luxury brands such as Louis vuitton or Michael kors handbags pour snob can be considered as a kind of essential quality," he said. "Our study shows that with the high school you want to join the circle has scraped. Want to get a sense of belonging... is a powerful motivator."
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